Media Publications

HERE you will find a sample of publications in German media. For the full texts and videos, please follow the links on the corresponding headlines.

Barry FitzGerald: The world is getting hungrier. Here are two potash plays that can move the needle where BHP can’t.
South Harz Potash raises A$5.3 million to target resource upgrade and finance scoping study
South Harz Potash on constructing drill pad at flagship Ohmgebirge Project in Germany and Potash industry
South Harz Potash begins constructing drill pad at Ohmgebirge Project in Germany
Proactive: South Harz Potash ‘set to go’ after getting go ahead to drill at Ohmgebirge Potash Project
Small Caps: South Harz Potash gives driller green light to begin at German project
Small Caps: BHP’s US$5.7bn commitment to developing Jansen points to strong potash outlook
Proactive Investors: South Harz Potash presents Ohmgebirge potash project in Germany progress
South Harz Potash adds another building block with CFO appointment
Davenport Resources officially changes name to South Harz Potash
Proactive Investors: Davenport Resources presents potash drilling plans in Germany and proposed new company name
Proactive Investors: Davenport Resources gears up for drilling of German potash projects with name change proposed
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