This is what we stand for.

We stand for modern and sustainable potash mining.

In concrete terms, this means that we will not create permanent salt dumps that pollute the landscape. And we will not discharge saline wastewater into the rivers.

We have two experienced partners from the region at our side: K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies (successor company of the former Potash Research Institute), Sondershausen, and Ercosplan GmbH (formerly Potash Engineering Office), Erfurt. Together we have developed a concept to further explore, extract and process the raw materials in the Ohmgebirge without damaging the environment.

We are convinced: Thuringia can be the pioneer for a new way of environmentally friendly and sustainable potash salt mining worldwide. We want to win the trust of the people of Thuringia by communicating our plans and goals clearly and honestly, answering questions, addressing concerns and building a long-term, sustainable company at eye level with Thuringia and the Eichsfeld region.

How do you achieve sustainable potash mining without permanent salt dumps and without salinated rivers?


By considering the environmentally friendly backfilling of solid and liquid salt waste as early as the planning stage of the mine. In the end, this kind of disposal is more expensive than dumping the waste salts in piles or rivers, but…

Our environment IS worth it to us. Our investors see it that way too.

To achieve this, we have clear Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) policies that have been endorsed by the Board and embedded into our business practices.

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